Social media training for a blogger.

Hey lovelies, so I have had a bit of a weird day with the fact that I had 4 hours worth of training for social media.

Now, let’s just paint a picture shall we…

I have my own:

  • blog
  • Twitter x2 (blog and personal)
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram x2 (blog and personal)
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Degree in marketing which focussed on the entertainment industry, marketing and social media.

I know social media. I read about it a lot, I’m often on it… often scrap that, I’m always on it. I know about it.

So today, my busy morning which I would have rather spent actually doing work consisted of me learning what I already knew. My team merged with another team in another department to work out the main company’s strategy for social media.

I sat for this amount of time, listening and being patient as to:

  • What makes a tweet successful
  • What is a gif
  • What is a meme
  • When should Twitter be used
  • Why we should use photos to engage with audiences in tweets etc

I didn’t want to come across as an absolute bellend but I knew this. I was sat next to someone who is in events who bless her didn’t log into Facebook (being in events and not using Facebook is just so confusing for me!), she didn’t know what a meme was or Snapchat. Surely if you’re going to work in a big communications company these are the things you should know.

We spoke about the use of hashtags and why they bring people in etc.

Look I’m a blogger, I may not blog all the time or attend events but I bloody know how to do all of this. It was hard to not say anything without advertising my blog, as it’s personal to me but oh dear god.

There was so many things that I suggested and it was a case of them looking blank. Why are people so scared of social media? It’s the bloody future!!, it’s now!!

I’ve actually got homework to do, yes me a 30 year old, I have homework. I have to come up with 4 ways in which to promote a service i work for. I was already coming up with so many ideas and I’m so intrigued by what others are going to do. But it’s to me so intriguing how people get by without promoting their business online. They’re missing out on so much.

I am absolutely not claiming that I know everything, seo goes over my head but surely it’s common knowledge that you can add a filter to a photo to make it look better (Yes that was a thing I learned).

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just like “WHY am I here?”