Happy Make Up Beauty Times


So I am currently going through a phase of trying to eat healthy, I mean I am not that mad on bad food but I am trying to make more of an effort. My favourite food at the moment to eat is Wheatabix, especially with fruit. Lush. PS what the hell is going on with this strawberry, have they been picked from the film “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”??

My skin at the moment is awful, I mean its the worst its been in years. I believe that its stress and lack of sleep at the moment, so I am trying ways in which to maybe help my skin…. you never know. IF you do have any tips, let me know 🙂

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My August Favourites

12Bonjour to all you lovely reader, this is gonna be a bit of a bumpf of a blog post so I apologise already if you do not fancy having a read… have a look at the pretty pictures instead (well I hope that they are pretty!!).First of all I have not done a favourites post in a while, my last **goes to look** oooh it was… April here (dear god I am bloody awful!) So let’s go with me hand in hand….. yes hand in hand lol & off to Neverland we go!! *yes, I do worry for my own sanity as well!*


20140831_163449Now I love love love a dry shampoo, there I said it, its out there! I have quite fine greasy hair when its not washed after 2 days and to be honest I am so lazy – therefore dry shampoo is my best friend. Of course my favourite is bastiste (floral, cherry and blonde) but I saw this and caught my eye being on offer in Morrisons for £3. I love the brand of Aussie, it does “miracles” for your hair, no pun intended. I therefore thought I would try it, this is the mega instant one. Its completely different to the Bastiste dry shampoo, unlike that brand which leaves a white mark and is quite dusty and they make your hair go poof. But the Aussie one, is so strange.

You spray it into your hair, which then leaves your hair …… wet… yes wet…. and then you comb it through. This then miraculously dries and you’re left with “cleaner” looking hair. The downside of this product is that, I am so used to Aussie making your hair nice and smooth, this made my hair feeling dry and wirey – definitely not what I wanted. I will keep using it, but thought I would let you know 🙂


As well as the Mega Instant product, they have also produced “Aussie Volume”. This again has the same effects as the previous product, but the volume is great on this, especially for me who has fine hair.


I have just come back from my holiday (want to read about it click here) and I really wanted to keep my tan. My tan was really brown and I absolutely loved it, its brought me so much confidence and just feel amazing with it. I therefore saw this and wanted to try it…. its freaking amazing. I used it for 2 days and applied once a day, and people did actually question as to whether I have been on holiday again. Its rather strong. The smell does have a slight “tan biscuit” smell, but its a nicer smell. It lasts for some time. The only reason I stopped using it was because people thought I was putting fake tan on, and I wanted to prove in the end 3 weeks later I still have a tan lol!

20140831_164926I think that this product should be every girl’s favourites. It helps in so many ways, moisturises, soothes, softens and helps all your lovely bumps and of course any of those scars. I prefer the scented one (the original and best) as the smell I find it to be so nice, relaxing and comforting. Love a bit of cocoa butter smell.

PicMonkey CollageNow this is the only time that I will say this, but f**k you tan. I will not be buying foundation/concealer etc just for you. I will find something that will work for me…. weirdly enough I found it using products I already own. I have found a way in which to match my skin colour at the moment. I have older products such as the Rimmel Wake me Up and the Match Foundation. Both of these combined was lovely for my skin. My personal favourite out of these two HAS to be Rimmerl London’s Match Perfection, brilliant coverage, colour, tint and its for a great price as well.

20140831_165018As I previously stated in my blog post I thought I would buy some actually decent make up! Yay go me!! I will forever love ELF corrective concealer, but my true love now has to be the Maybelline Colour Corrector. Much larger coverage (especially for my cheeks haha!!)

20140831_165041Now as I have never brought “top end” make up, I did not know that they offer samples on their little make up counters. When I get a bit more money, I will definitely be buying the MaxFactor 3in1. I have never placed the smallest piece of make up on my brush and for it to cover my whole face before. It is not greasy, does not make my skin dry and the pigmentation is just amazing. Highly recommend.

20140831_165117So it appears I either have an obsession with buying these, I keep loosing them or I keep loosing my memory. Either way, I freaking LOVE this mascara. Each time I wear it, a lot of people believe I am wearing fake eyelashes haha, hell no!! I wish unless I cant find it, but I wish that they made this in waterproof version, as the amount of times I have cried wearing this its ridiculous. When I cry, this mascara does sting my eyes…… ouch! I really hope that they do not stop doing it.

20140831_165148Now the product looks weird on the left, but its the brush I have been using haha. It should be a creamy texture.I am absolutely awful with bronzers and blushers, I can never find the correct one for my skin but this I love. Great coverage, stays on for many hours and it lasts for so long. It also comes up in the cutest design.

20140831_165339This is another up market decision,, I made. I forever forever will love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It will be one of my favourite products ever, I always love the matte finish to my make up and will always look for those finishes. The Max Factor version is of a darker tint, but its a lot softer, creamier and it lasts soooo much longer!

20140831_165345My favourite shade at the moment, I got this as a present back for my 25th and I love it. Its amazing with a lovely tan, lasts for a number of days and its great with extra glitter as well – here’s what it looks like :

11See told you it was pretty, especially with the added glittery wedding finger 😉

20140831_165400It appears that I am loving a pink theme at the moment. I have already reviewed this on a previous post, but I love the scent to this, the colour, pigmentation and how long it lasts. It is quite scary as to how it goes on when you first put it on your lips, but it does calm down – Ii promise you!! The pigmentation is rather pale pink, a bit like a pink foundation lips (never a good look), but after a while the shade goes down and its a great contrast to your make up.

20140831_165545I ran out of this on holiday and I was absolutely gutted, literally annoyed with myself. Got home and realised, bugger I have no extra products either. So therefore I went to Superdrug the next day and I went there the next 4 days……… none were available. I asked the girl and she said “oh sometime soon”, really rather annoyed. Luckily we have 2 Superdrugs in town, yes lucky I know and 1 week later I bought 3… I am ashamed, yes 3. But I am not paying for postage and package when I can get it in the town. This product is just amaaaaaaaazing, comes in 3 different shades and I go for the medium brown colour. Here’s what it looks like:


I hope that you enjoyed my little, but slightly long post of my August favourites. I am aware that I babble and babble on, im babbling on now… but I am not going to change my blog haha. As always:



Shopping Time!!!………yes again

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Yoooohooooo, it’s me!!

I was naughty after work and I went shopping, even though it is payday today……. damn nice pretty things!! I thought I would show you what I bought and my reviews of them. PS – why is shopping so expensive 😦

PicMonkey Collage5I really do not often buy necklaces as I am not a jewellery person, plus the fact I always forget I have jewellery and I find them months later. I was really worried about buying this one actually because I have a bit of a “chunky” neck lets say, the length on this necklace looks really small. But I was surprised when I put it on that it sits lovely around the collar bone and doesn’t feel like it’s choking me. It’s a beautiful design from Primark and it only cost £3, bargain as far as I am concerned…. although wondering as to how long it would take to make my neck green!!

20140425_000948If you have never bought these tights you are seriously missing out, they are the most comfortable tights in the world. They are brilliant in the winter as they have a fleecing lining, but not so thick that in the spring time you are sweating a lot. They come in all colours but black is definitely my favourite and an extra bonus, they suck you in!!! YAY and at a cost of £3.50 again Primark thank you.


20140425_000918I then headed over to Superdrug and I have mentioned these products before, but I thought I would highlight again how great I believe they are. They are Superdrug’s own brand and are currently on offer. So if you are looking for a new product to try out, how about these, they’re cheap as I don’t do expensive!!

PicMonkey Collage4I have bought Miss Sporty blue colour the other week and I thought I would dare to go orange!! Yes orange, it’s pretty bright – its £1.50 it has to have a few layers but its worth it. My nails are pretty short at the moment as they became weak so I am not enjoying that at the moment but I thought I would dazzle them up.

PicMonkey Collage3If you look closely on the ring finger there is a pink colour, I saw this as it was glittering in the light and I felt like a magpie. I had to have it! It is from L’Oreal and the shade is just beautiful. It looks very delicate in the packaging and goes on really nice, again a few coats .. One thing, god I am not going to enjoy taking it off though – why can’t they invest in a glittery nail varnish that is easy to take off!!

20140425_000937I mentioned in a previous post how I need to look after my feet more, they’re just blah not good. I saw this and I have never heard of the brand before – Freeman and the smell is quite sweet, but with a weird tint of peppermint (very strange)! It is not oily and very easy to apply, I will see how this goes as I am trying to change my ways with my feet.

PicMonkey Collage2Okay I succumbed to Tanya Burr, I saw it and I was like :O I have seen it!! The price is really overrated, but I guess that’s how she is going to get the money in in the end – well if you look at any of their franchise clothing at the moment ie – Marcus Butler, his clothing is expensive! Anyway, I just looked down the line of the lip glosses and picked one at random and went for “First Date”

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s the result, its a really pale pink which I have never had before. Whilst writing this blog post all I keep doing is “playing with my lips”…. lol er just feeling how soft they are really. It’s great it isnt too glossy or sticky and extremely easy to apply, the wand is lovely and thick and it will last a long time. I may look into other shades. I did see the nail varnishes and was tempted then I saw the price and I do love my bargains and was shocked at the £5+ label!!

20140424_233817Finally these are my new obsession. Salty crackers covered around chocolate – yes please!!

Hope you had a brilliant day!! Send me your blog links and I will check you out, follow and if you have twitter I’ll RT you too!


Shopping time!!! – MY Reviews

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As I was able to leave the house for the first time in ages in 3 weeks I thought of one thing and 1 thing only – Shopping!! Now I am not your usual girl who loves shopping for clothes etc, no mine is normally nitty bitty bits and sometimes I do go away and think why the hell have I bought what I have bought. I therefore thought I would show you:


lips2I first saw this lipgloss // lip lacquer from a photograph on Instagram, if anyone ever follows the gorgeous Ben and Harley on Vine and the amazingly gorgeous mum Abbi then you will know of the photo. If you have no idea who I am on about please for the love of the cutest kid in the world check out these vines >>>>>>>> Ben & Harley <<<<<<<<<, and the gorgeous >>>>>>>>> Abbabubble <<<<<<<<< I promise you you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, I commented on her photo and she told me it was this product and it is a gorgeous crimson shade. I thought I would show you how it looks:

lipsAs you can see the shade is absolutely beautiful, until you open your mouth – I did not do that on purpose but look how much went onto my teeth!!!! The lip lacquer itself is really nice, smooth, shiny and not sticky at all. It has a lovely sheen/shine to it but unfortunately this would be a case of forever checking my teeth, or not smiling and that’s not me at all!!

skinI saw this freebie on another blog and I thought I would give it a go, I absolutely forgot I asked for it until I got in the post yesterday. It is the new Superstay Better Skin Maybelline in the shade of Nude. I have not found a foundation which is so close to my skin colour and look how close it is!!! SO I shall definitely be looking into buying a bigger product of this version, it was really easy to apply and it hardly shows up on my skin which is great.

mascara1I thought I would go old school, I used to wear this mascara all the time and it is a definite fall back for mascara for me. I have realised when applying today that this is one of my top 5 but definitely not my favourite. I have got a bit of spider eye going on and I don’t want to look like a 15 year old chav now.

fragranceI love diffusers, as my Dad smokes the rest of the house stinks and I cannot stand the smell on my clothes, the rooms everything. I currently in my bedroom have 4 diffusers, yes 4. This was on offer in Morrisons, I believe £4.99 or £5.99 and I thought I would give it a go. It’s beautiful, the little beads inside rattle which is different from other diffusers I already have – as they’re normally quite soft. Let’s see how long this one lasts!

20140418_174141My next pit stop was Poundland, I believe that this brand of Conditioner is the best. I do normally go for the gold version but I thought my hair needs a bit of lift at the moment and with of course them being £1 you cannot go wrong and considering most of the time they are £2+ in supermarkets you have to get them when you see them!!

20140418_173917With someone like me who has PCOS I am nearly every other day unfortunately having to take away excess hair from my face, I cannot stand it and my confidence is awful with it. For months I was purchasing the product on the right hand side from Superdrug which was £5, it comes with a tiny tube of the hair remover and moisturiser in which I never used and a scraper to take away excess. I was walking around Poundland and saw the tubes on the left hand side……….. it’s better, it lasts longer and look how much more there is compared to the Veet!!! It’s for sensitive skin and I have not had any issues with it. So I am just showing you in comparison, I have bought 5 tubes for the price of 1 of those tiny tubes from Veet. It’s absolutely ridiculous what you can find in Poundland.

20140418_174109Talking of Superdrug, as the Spring time and hotter weather is coming – we start to not wear socks or sometimes we do and of course everyone gets sweaty feet and this stuff is ideal. It’s amazing, cheap and lovely scent as well. I highly recommend.



Everyone loves a fresh breathe – it’s on offer at Morrisons. I got cherry and mint flavour 🙂

feetFinally like I said earlier feet are coming out due to the weather and my poor feet are definitely affected by the cold weather so this will definitely be in use!!

Hope everyone is okay:









Drugstore Shopping – not ACTUAL drugs……….

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When I shop I often go out and think, I am going to go get some clothes but I kinda end up going into the drugstores and accessory stores instead because I just get too frustrated and depressed in clothes stores, I therefore thought you may want to be nosey as to what I have been up to. After this post, my blog will be different:



Yay Paperchase !!!! I LOVE Paperchase, it is so cute – just like Tiger, I love little shops like this that have all the unique products in it and this is where I have come up with the idea of changing my blog around a bit:

PicMonkey Collageza












I have therefore bought beautiful pastel Sharpie pens and pastel a4 cards to brighten this place up slightly, sticking with the bird colour theme anything that I review will have a background of pastel. I kinda want to have a theme and when I have more money I will change the theme about as I just don’t like the endless scroll down.


Boots was my next stop, and I love Boots but not as much as Superdrug of course you buy all of the lady toiletries and I had a little splurge in here 🙂

PicMonkey Collagesd

It was 3 for 2 yay!! and I have just realised, I have absolutely no idea where the 3rd product I bought is…….. bugger. Anyway, I love this Soap and Glory product, it smells absolutely beautiful like you are rubbing honey porridge all over you (yes I know that’s a bit different), it makes your skin really smooth and a lovely finish on your skin is left

PicMonkey Collagefe

This is actually the first time I have bought this product and I love it, its a really nice scent and its full of sea salt so you can imagine that all that horrible rough skin, the top skin will go and it’s really easy to apply.


Yay Superdrug!! My go to store really 🙂



I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these wipes are, they are so refreshing, make your face feel so clean, alive and just lovely. There is a gorgeous smell to them and now my Mum has found them so is now nicking them as well *grumble*

PicMonkey CollageererMy hair becomes really oily quickly, I hate it. So every next day I have to apply dry shampoo as I really don’t want to get into the habit of washing it every day as its bad. My favourite scent is the blush scent, it’s not too over powerful to the point where you know I am wearing dry shampoo – because sometimes you can easily know someone is by the smell or the fact your hair is white. Which brings me onto the blonde one, adds that extra bit of oomph to my hair as it seems to be getting darker with age 😦 .


Finally, every 90’s girl has had an Impulse in their life. I have gone through so many in my life because I get bored of the scents so therefore this is my new one and I love it. Its girly, fresh, flowery and just a nice modern scent. Do you have a favourite Impulse?