My August Favourites

12Bonjour to all you lovely reader, this is gonna be a bit of a bumpf of a blog post so I apologise already if you do not fancy having a read… have a look at the pretty pictures instead (well I hope that they are pretty!!).First of all I have not done a favourites post in a while, my last **goes to look** oooh it was… April here (dear god I am bloody awful!) So let’s go with me hand in hand….. yes hand in hand lol & off to Neverland we go!! *yes, I do worry for my own sanity as well!*


20140831_163449Now I love love love a dry shampoo, there I said it, its out there! I have quite fine greasy hair when its not washed after 2 days and to be honest I am so lazy – therefore dry shampoo is my best friend. Of course my favourite is bastiste (floral, cherry and blonde) but I saw this and caught my eye being on offer in Morrisons for £3. I love the brand of Aussie, it does “miracles” for your hair, no pun intended. I therefore thought I would try it, this is the mega instant one. Its completely different to the Bastiste dry shampoo, unlike that brand which leaves a white mark and is quite dusty and they make your hair go poof. But the Aussie one, is so strange.

You spray it into your hair, which then leaves your hair …… wet… yes wet…. and then you comb it through. This then miraculously dries and you’re left with “cleaner” looking hair. The downside of this product is that, I am so used to Aussie making your hair nice and smooth, this made my hair feeling dry and wirey – definitely not what I wanted. I will keep using it, but thought I would let you know 🙂


As well as the Mega Instant product, they have also produced “Aussie Volume”. This again has the same effects as the previous product, but the volume is great on this, especially for me who has fine hair.


I have just come back from my holiday (want to read about it click here) and I really wanted to keep my tan. My tan was really brown and I absolutely loved it, its brought me so much confidence and just feel amazing with it. I therefore saw this and wanted to try it…. its freaking amazing. I used it for 2 days and applied once a day, and people did actually question as to whether I have been on holiday again. Its rather strong. The smell does have a slight “tan biscuit” smell, but its a nicer smell. It lasts for some time. The only reason I stopped using it was because people thought I was putting fake tan on, and I wanted to prove in the end 3 weeks later I still have a tan lol!

20140831_164926I think that this product should be every girl’s favourites. It helps in so many ways, moisturises, soothes, softens and helps all your lovely bumps and of course any of those scars. I prefer the scented one (the original and best) as the smell I find it to be so nice, relaxing and comforting. Love a bit of cocoa butter smell.

PicMonkey CollageNow this is the only time that I will say this, but f**k you tan. I will not be buying foundation/concealer etc just for you. I will find something that will work for me…. weirdly enough I found it using products I already own. I have found a way in which to match my skin colour at the moment. I have older products such as the Rimmel Wake me Up and the Match Foundation. Both of these combined was lovely for my skin. My personal favourite out of these two HAS to be Rimmerl London’s Match Perfection, brilliant coverage, colour, tint and its for a great price as well.

20140831_165018As I previously stated in my blog post I thought I would buy some actually decent make up! Yay go me!! I will forever love ELF corrective concealer, but my true love now has to be the Maybelline Colour Corrector. Much larger coverage (especially for my cheeks haha!!)

20140831_165041Now as I have never brought “top end” make up, I did not know that they offer samples on their little make up counters. When I get a bit more money, I will definitely be buying the MaxFactor 3in1. I have never placed the smallest piece of make up on my brush and for it to cover my whole face before. It is not greasy, does not make my skin dry and the pigmentation is just amazing. Highly recommend.

20140831_165117So it appears I either have an obsession with buying these, I keep loosing them or I keep loosing my memory. Either way, I freaking LOVE this mascara. Each time I wear it, a lot of people believe I am wearing fake eyelashes haha, hell no!! I wish unless I cant find it, but I wish that they made this in waterproof version, as the amount of times I have cried wearing this its ridiculous. When I cry, this mascara does sting my eyes…… ouch! I really hope that they do not stop doing it.

20140831_165148Now the product looks weird on the left, but its the brush I have been using haha. It should be a creamy texture.I am absolutely awful with bronzers and blushers, I can never find the correct one for my skin but this I love. Great coverage, stays on for many hours and it lasts for so long. It also comes up in the cutest design.

20140831_165339This is another up market decision,, I made. I forever forever will love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It will be one of my favourite products ever, I always love the matte finish to my make up and will always look for those finishes. The Max Factor version is of a darker tint, but its a lot softer, creamier and it lasts soooo much longer!

20140831_165345My favourite shade at the moment, I got this as a present back for my 25th and I love it. Its amazing with a lovely tan, lasts for a number of days and its great with extra glitter as well – here’s what it looks like :

11See told you it was pretty, especially with the added glittery wedding finger 😉

20140831_165400It appears that I am loving a pink theme at the moment. I have already reviewed this on a previous post, but I love the scent to this, the colour, pigmentation and how long it lasts. It is quite scary as to how it goes on when you first put it on your lips, but it does calm down – Ii promise you!! The pigmentation is rather pale pink, a bit like a pink foundation lips (never a good look), but after a while the shade goes down and its a great contrast to your make up.

20140831_165545I ran out of this on holiday and I was absolutely gutted, literally annoyed with myself. Got home and realised, bugger I have no extra products either. So therefore I went to Superdrug the next day and I went there the next 4 days……… none were available. I asked the girl and she said “oh sometime soon”, really rather annoyed. Luckily we have 2 Superdrugs in town, yes lucky I know and 1 week later I bought 3… I am ashamed, yes 3. But I am not paying for postage and package when I can get it in the town. This product is just amaaaaaaaazing, comes in 3 different shades and I go for the medium brown colour. Here’s what it looks like:


I hope that you enjoyed my little, but slightly long post of my August favourites. I am aware that I babble and babble on, im babbling on now… but I am not going to change my blog haha. As always:



Shopping Time!!!………yes again

large (32) large (57)

Yoooohooooo, it’s me!!

I was naughty after work and I went shopping, even though it is payday today……. damn nice pretty things!! I thought I would show you what I bought and my reviews of them. PS – why is shopping so expensive 😦

PicMonkey Collage5I really do not often buy necklaces as I am not a jewellery person, plus the fact I always forget I have jewellery and I find them months later. I was really worried about buying this one actually because I have a bit of a “chunky” neck lets say, the length on this necklace looks really small. But I was surprised when I put it on that it sits lovely around the collar bone and doesn’t feel like it’s choking me. It’s a beautiful design from Primark and it only cost £3, bargain as far as I am concerned…. although wondering as to how long it would take to make my neck green!!

20140425_000948If you have never bought these tights you are seriously missing out, they are the most comfortable tights in the world. They are brilliant in the winter as they have a fleecing lining, but not so thick that in the spring time you are sweating a lot. They come in all colours but black is definitely my favourite and an extra bonus, they suck you in!!! YAY and at a cost of £3.50 again Primark thank you.


20140425_000918I then headed over to Superdrug and I have mentioned these products before, but I thought I would highlight again how great I believe they are. They are Superdrug’s own brand and are currently on offer. So if you are looking for a new product to try out, how about these, they’re cheap as I don’t do expensive!!

PicMonkey Collage4I have bought Miss Sporty blue colour the other week and I thought I would dare to go orange!! Yes orange, it’s pretty bright – its £1.50 it has to have a few layers but its worth it. My nails are pretty short at the moment as they became weak so I am not enjoying that at the moment but I thought I would dazzle them up.

PicMonkey Collage3If you look closely on the ring finger there is a pink colour, I saw this as it was glittering in the light and I felt like a magpie. I had to have it! It is from L’Oreal and the shade is just beautiful. It looks very delicate in the packaging and goes on really nice, again a few coats .. One thing, god I am not going to enjoy taking it off though – why can’t they invest in a glittery nail varnish that is easy to take off!!

20140425_000937I mentioned in a previous post how I need to look after my feet more, they’re just blah not good. I saw this and I have never heard of the brand before – Freeman and the smell is quite sweet, but with a weird tint of peppermint (very strange)! It is not oily and very easy to apply, I will see how this goes as I am trying to change my ways with my feet.

PicMonkey Collage2Okay I succumbed to Tanya Burr, I saw it and I was like :O I have seen it!! The price is really overrated, but I guess that’s how she is going to get the money in in the end – well if you look at any of their franchise clothing at the moment ie – Marcus Butler, his clothing is expensive! Anyway, I just looked down the line of the lip glosses and picked one at random and went for “First Date”

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s the result, its a really pale pink which I have never had before. Whilst writing this blog post all I keep doing is “playing with my lips”…. lol er just feeling how soft they are really. It’s great it isnt too glossy or sticky and extremely easy to apply, the wand is lovely and thick and it will last a long time. I may look into other shades. I did see the nail varnishes and was tempted then I saw the price and I do love my bargains and was shocked at the £5+ label!!

20140424_233817Finally these are my new obsession. Salty crackers covered around chocolate – yes please!!

Hope you had a brilliant day!! Send me your blog links and I will check you out, follow and if you have twitter I’ll RT you too!


My Favourite Youtubers.

large (12)

My brother first introduced me to “Youtubers” and to be honest every day now I look forward to a new Youtube update from my favourite Youtubers. It is weird to think that some of these are younger than me but most are my age and it kinda makes me feel a bit sad because they are living one amazing life, in which something I could easily do but I have no confidence to do it! It takes a lot of willingness, determination and the best personalities in order to gain as much recognition as these guys have. Someone at my work the other day was at a Beyonce concert and in a photo of her’s was Caspar Lee taking a selfie, I reacted “OMG its Caspar!!” and I even sent her the selfie of his but she had absolutely no idea who he was. Do you know how hard it is to explain to someone who doesn’t understand the You Tube world who these people are, and to not come across like a complete weirdo – just following people’s lives. I thought I would talk about my favourite You Tubers and if you have any that I haven’t mentioned or you think I may like, PLEASE send me their links because I am always finding new ones 🙂

I truly think that they allow me to escape from everything, to not think about the worries in my life – for them to open up about theirs, to go through their life moments, their emotions, relationships and their memorable moments I believe is just wonderful. Although I have not been able to find anyone I know apart from my brother who watches Youtubers, I know that there is a huge fan base out there, in which I can quote from one of their clips and someone would know exactly what the hell I was on about.

So thank you very much…… really. All the photos of the Youtubers below I have found on Google and I have edited myself with either their catchphrases or something that they are known by with little logos. I hope they see them 😀


large (13)My first ever Youtuber that I ever followed was the gorgeously beautiful Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. She is absolutely adorable, her little videos are so pretty and it helps that she is lovely too! I am very jealous of her hair, her now new flat and what she looks like. I love how open she is with her anxiety and panic attacks as I have had them in the past, her hauls and beauty/make up vlogs have also allowed for me to buy things I wouldn’t buy before and I love that. I just love her enthusiasm, even when she is feeling down the vlog is still great! She writes her own blog as well which is really detailed and very fun and girly, if you wish to check that out click >>>>>>>> LITTLE ONE <<<<<<<< or if you wish to check out her videos click >>>>>>> I LOVE ZOELLA <<<<<<<< Make sure you check out her second channel More Zoella too!!

large (14)Next is Mr Alfie Deyes, he is one cheeky charmer who has charmed the likes of Zoella and they are an item (which is super uber cute!!!). He’s funny, a gentleman, cheeky and of course a lovely representation of a great English man. He talks about daily life in Brighton, what he has been up to and has a lot of funny collabs. Watch out for how many times he says “so”, he’s picked himself up on it as well. Although he does not vlog everyday he does use his Tumblr to update his goings on so if you wish to see that click here >>>>>>> WASSUP GUYS <<<<<<< and of course his lovely youtube videos >>>>>>> POINTLESS BLOG <<<<<<<

large (20)Next is someone who I absolutely love, Louise!! I am often told that I am pretty much like Louise in many ways than one and I find that an absolute huge compliment. She is so funny, beautiful and an amazing role model for anyone out there. She is very honest, emotional, funny and with her favourite “chummy” best friend Zoella they make the best videos. Watch out for her gorgeous little munchkin Darcy who has been nicknamed as Baby Glitter and with her lovely husband Matt they make a wonderful family. She is often very honest and I do love that about her, especially with her weight, diets, the way she looks etc. I don’t know whether because I went to Uni where she lives I have an even stronger connection to her, because I watch her videos and think oh god I have been there, oh wow imagine if I went past her loads in the past! She too has a beautiful blog >>>>>> CHUMMY <<<<<<< and of course her weekly vlogs >>>>>>> SPRINKLERINOS <<<<<<< Make sure again that you check out her second blog Sprinkle of Chatter.

large (18)Haha so far these have all been linked to Zoe and this cheeky chappy is no exception, he is the younger brother of Zoella and he is just as funny and lovely as he appears in the photo shown above. Joe takes us through his routines of the day, often taking us to work with him being a thatcher, he does amazing impressions of celebrities and public figures and of course often likes to play pranks of his fellow Youtubers. He is hilarious, I promise you. Joe is sometimes involved with Jim Chapman in many scavenger hunts through the Daily Mix challenge and that’s where I actually found out about Joe. Again Joe does not have a blog but he does have a lovely Tumblr so if you wish to check that out >>>>>>> I THATCH ROOFS <<<<<<< and of course his lovely Youtube channel >>>>>>>> MINI SUGGLETT <<<<<<< As always check out his second youtube account too!

large (21)If you want to be flirted with over the internet but also be slightly concerned about someone’s mentality – Caspar is here for you. He is amazingly witty, funny and has many one liners which many would not think of. The first time I watched one of his videos I did think, wow this boy is really awkward and being really strange, but the more you get to watch his videos you realise he’s definitely unique. He’s one cheeky boy and he loves the ladies and the ladies love him. To check out his Tumblr >>>>>>> SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENT YUM <<<<<<< and his lovely funny youtube >>>>>>> MR AWKWARD <<<<<<<< and yet again check out his second youtube too!

large (15)The gorgeous Tanya Burr ladies and gentlemen, she does the most amazing make up tutorials – really easy to follow, beautiful colours and the videos are so cute as she is. When she vlogs about her daily life, she comes across as utterly adorable, naive and just lovely! The love that she has for her fiance Jim Chapman is beautiful and I wish I had a relationship like that in the future. She now has her own make up range out which is nail varnishes and lip glosses, you can either get them online but now Superdrug do sell them – so well done Tanya!!!! Of course she has a really lovely fun filled blog which you should check out >>>>>>> TANYA 4 JIM <<<<<<< and for all those lovely videos I was on about her youtube channel >>>>>> PRINCESS TANYA <<<<<<

large (16)Talking of Jim here he is, what a fine handsome man that he is. Absolutely polite, lovely, comes across as completely and utterly charming and using his English gentlemanliness to his advantage. He likes to challenge himself in a number of videos, talks to his viewers as best friends and we really do get involved with his life. He is a little boy at heart loving all of his comic books and toys but his love for Tanya and how proud he is, is just beautiful to watch over the vlogs. Watch out for him coming up in a new ITV2 programme with Caroline Flack in which he will be a presenter, I cannot wait finally this may show people that I know the Youtube community are great! Currently it looks like he is investigating into a blog, but here is his Tumblr >>>>>>>> BEST FRIENDS <<<<<<< and be prepared to fall in love with his youtube >>>>>> ENGLISH GENTLEMAN <<<<<<< Watch out for other youtube video channels too!

large (17)S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E to Marcus Butler TV!! God I love that jingle. If you watch his channel you will know what it’s all about. Marcus’ vlogs are different to all the rest and are often twice a week, he talks about day to day life, he has challenges or he dresses up as Margaret and what a lovely lady he makes. Haha! Everyone knows Marcus by his catchphrase opening up Helloooooooooooo and of course his beautiful quiff and lovely little rosey cheeks. He’s from Brighton so often hangs out with Alfie, Zoe and is good friends with Caspar and Sawyer. He is very open and honest about particular subjects in life and is there for some great advice, watch out for his 1 million subscriber rap though 😉 His website is really cool so you’ll get to learn loads about him >>>>>>>>> HELLOOOOO <<<<<<<< and his Youtube >>>>>>> SUBSCRIBE <<<<<<<< Check out his other accounts too!

louis-coleLouis, he is cool, calm, friendly and he makes you insanly jealous that you are not living life to the full. He updates his vlogs daily and yes daily he never fails. You never know where he is going to be in the world, he is so laid back and after one video you will fall in love with his style and ways. Always positive, loves life, all different cultures, his friends he meets around the world. Each video is introduced by a different viewer and his ending is of course what is shown in the photo above. If you ever want to relax whilst watching a video his are the ones >>>>>>> FUNFORLOUIS <<<<<<< here’s his lovely Tumblr as well >>>>>> LIVE THE ADVENTURE <<<<<<<<

large (19)Finally Jack is my latest edition to my favourite Youtubers I have come across, I have watched his videos before but I think the other guys took over in my life because he didn’t upload for a while. But through playlist live and he is aware of this because he has vlogged about it, he took over Louise’s blog a lot and that’s where I was like…….. I have to subscribe. He is gorgeous, funny, a gentleman and just bloody lovely. If you follow me on twitter you would know that I have had tweets from him, which is just ❤ thank you!!! His videos are seriously funny, they have a great hidden message behind them as well, has done some brilliant collabs and with this one I will put up 3 thinks as he is part of a duo as well, >>>>>> GORGEOUS SMILE <<<<<< and his >>>>>>> OMFGitsJackandDean <<<<<<<< and if you wish to see more of his lovely face Tumblr >>>>>> YUMMY <<<<<

So they were my favourite British You Tubers, yes Caspar is classified as South African but he is often put in the British category. Here are my favourites from around the world.



He is an advocate for fun, being you and living life to the full. His videos are really good fun and always positive – especially the drunken ones with Sawyer and Mamrie, if you are ever feeling down please I urge you to look at them! I think most of the internet would like for him and Troy to get together, they are just really cute together. I really did not know that Tyler is the same age as me, which shocked me as I thought he was a lot younger. He does a lot of collabs which are a lot of fun and comes up with the funniest sayings, very flirty and has a zest for life. His lovely Tumblr which is updated constantly is >>>>>>>> LILAC HAIR <<<<<<<<< and his brilliant Youtube >>>>>>> DUBAI <<<<<<<< I have only just found out he has a second Youtube so check that out if you can, more daily vlogs.

large (22)Here’s Sawyer, the boy that many love and adore! He is really funny, cheeky and often tipsy. Has done many collab videos in the past which often includes a lot of funny competitions between him and the other youtuber, his videos have a lot of games which have become memorable and to top it off he lives with Joey so he often appears in the videos in the background. He is a director so his main website is around that basis please have a look >>>>>>> FILM ME <<<<<<< AND I urge you to check out his Youtube especially the >>>>>> DRUNKEN COLLABS <<<<<<

photoTalking of people who get tipsy, welcome to Mamrie Hart who’s youtube is all to do with making alcoholic beverages with a slice of comedy. She is absolutely hilarious, her facial expressions, her one liners, the love for alcohol and of course her friendship with Hannah and Grace. I personally prefer Mamrie to the other two as I love a drink haha. My brother introduced Mamrie to me and I definitely havent looked back, you always have to watch her video’s twice because there is always a >>>>>>>> DRINKING GAME!! <<<<<<<< she also has a hilarious Tumblr too >>>>>>> HAVE A DRINK <<<<<<<

large (23)Someone who isn’t really into drinking but into being adorable and gaming is Joey Graceffa. I love him as he is exactly the same as my friend from Uni, he has the same laugh I am not even joking even my friend is freaked out by it. Of course it always helps that he is absolutely beautiful to look at, an angel until he does have a bit of drink in him (check out link with Tyler) but his videos are always a lot of fun >>>>>>> WELL HELLO THERE <<<<<< he loves his gaming so please check out his videos (not my thing but I know he does a lot of collabs with Alfie and Shane Dawson and of course his Tumblr >>>>>>> LOVE THAT BEARD <<<<<<<<

large (24)Due to Playlist Live I have only really just been introduced to Miranda Sings, I have heard about her in the past and I have never really “got it” but with the videos that I have seen, I think she is hilarious. If you want to watch something which is quirky, someone who has a difference sense of humour and takes the mickey out of herself through her beautiful self 😉 >>>>>>>>. MIRANDA IS THE ONE <<<<<<<< She is of course a character, so do not take her too seriously!!! Here is her website >>>>> PUCKER UP <<<<<<<<

Really sorry that this is such a long blog but I wanted to do something different, like I said if you have any others that I should be looking at please comment away 🙂