Why aren’t dreams a reality! :(

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You know you have those dreams in which you end up waking up and you are so disappointed you woke up, yep I definitely had one of those dreams. I was in secret relationship with a guy called Jamie, I could see his fairly clearly – all his distinguishing features, I could imagine the smell of him, the way he dressed, the way he smiled and the way he talked.

I have never ever as far as I am aware seen this person in my life, it could be a subconscious thing where I have seen him in the street – but it was so real!! I along with “Jamie” were planning our wedding, it was going to apparently a small wedding with only a select few and then a large ceremony. I didn’t even have a dress, I apparently couldn’t care – all our food was haha coming from ASDA and our get away car was a Corsa (glam I know), but I couldn’t care.

It was such a strange dream, like I really wanted it to happen and as always you wake up – never been so sad to wake up. Back to old lonely single me lol with no clue as to who this Jamie is. But what the weirdest thing, each time I tune into the TV today they have mentioned a  Jamie.

I have had dreams in the past that have come true, so fingers crossed for this one!!!!!

Oh I wish…… I think my Mum wishes more, god I am turning into a Miranda!


Who is the real you?

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We all know that we all have different personalities and I am true testament on that. For example I will never say my name on here because I want to say things on my blog that not many people know, I have my Facebook personality, my Twitter, Tumblr and of course work, friends and family. Although we are all one individuals we are all made up of characters within each other.

For example this blog – this blog allows for me to express how I feel without being too personal but I can “name and shame” through different words. I can of course moan about work and show my frustrations with the world. This blog allows me to aspire to what and who I want to be. My creativity, my thoughts, my feelings and my opinions.

My Facebook – is for those who have known me since School, I am sure that people have an opinion of me, whether it be geek, friendly, cool, trustworthy, bitch etc. God knows, it’s where I put up my photos, communicate with those and be pleasant.

Twitter – allows me to express my opinions, unlike Facebook if I don’t want to be your friend of course I won’t be. I have my own personal twitter and of course www.twitter.com/loveyouandthem 😉 if you fancy a follow haha!!

Tumblr – I have again two accounts personal and my tumblr for this account – loveyouandthem.tumblr.com – this account allows me to create an account in which I can express my true likes and dislikes without being judge by my own personal tumblr.

Work – I try not to be different from what I am towards my family, of course you need to show a bit more respect, patience and determination to be good – but most of the time work colleagues can be two faced or stressed and they are sometimes not your true friends, unless you find those unique ones.

Family & Friends – It is without a doubt that every one has these two personalities – I am not even going to go into it, as I bet you will just understand.

So, why do we all have these personalities and why can’t we just be true to ourselves and act as that one person? Are we ashamed? Are we scared? Are we living a lie? Or do we enjoy the thrill?


The book of Face.

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What has Facebook resorted to?

It used to be one of the best places to communicate with people after leaving somewhere, or not having someone’s number, a quick and easy way to say hello. My time at Uni was the best place for this, keeping up to date with my friends at home, talking to my parents and just uploading photos to share with loved ones (although some I am now regretting), nowadays it’s all about stalking your exes, ex friends, reposting this photo because someone somewhere wants a kitten and no one actually having a conversation.

Facebook it seems to be somewhere where you collect a list of friends, watching whatever they do; updating stupid look at me statuses, uploading photos of their car, babies or themselves in that stupid pose shown above. You have this urge to although however much they annoy you to keep these people on your list, whether looking at their downward spiral makes you feel good about your own life, or just because you’re a nosey bugger. The feeling you get after “unfriending them” is a weird one, its a mixture of guilt and freedom. The guilt comes when you next see them and they know that you have unfriended them, I have had it when I have gone to look for someone on my list to talk to them and they have unfriended me, I mean yes sure you do go through the “what the hell have I done to them” phase, then you think ah well my closest friends are my real ones.

Another annoying thing about Facebook, and its not the game requests its THE PEOPLE:

the stalker:

this is the person who stalks what people are doing and bring it up at a later date, the person who never posts anything and is just in the background. These are also the people who stalk their exes or their ex friends, to see what type of life they are leading now, whether they are missing you or having a better life without you.

the attention:

‘oh my god, my life is awful’, ‘im so ill’, ‘someone text me’ or having the same status updates every 3 days on repeat. Along this section would be the people who post the photos of themselves, posing in a mirror pouting away and then editing it with the caption “i look rough here but i dont care what you think” then 5 minutes later put up a status update of “oh my god im so lonely”, GET out and meet people.


single, relationship, single, relationship, single, relationship… seriously, no wonder the bloody divorce rate is up if all you’re going to do is annoy your partner on facebook with the threat of going single and not talking it through. As well as this, the people who are forever in relationships, ie those who are never single and if and when they are they complain about the opposite sex or moan about others in relationships. The single person who is constantly updating their status updates, photo uploads about how annoyed they are about being single.


you know those particular individual who feel it is their duty to comment on politics, environment, money, religion and that only their view is the best. annoying.


“share/like/comment” if you feel that this person needs a new kitten, can rescue this person from cancer (a like will not do this, donating money will – I have nothing against people who are promoting the help for cancer, but doing these things will not help cancer). Share if you support our troops – of course you support them, support them in other ways.


updating a status “how do I do this?, how do I do that?” either find out for yourself or google it. That’s how I have learnt.

the annoying ones:

my least favourite of them all, the people who comment and like on EVERYTHING that you post. The simplest update you do, they have to comment and question about what it is about. I am sorry, mr nosey fucker did I ask you to comment on this. When I am uploading music videos/photos in which I like onto MY wall, why do you comment on it and say “this is rubbish, this is better”. I am a nice person, I do not want to block you, but you will be blocked soon.

the unaware ones:

you know these are the people who see a comment that someone else has done on your wall and decides to comment onto it or like it, as well as this these are the people who seem to think its okay to comment on a photo with loads of likes on it – this means that ALL those people then receive a notification. I believe the worst of these types of people are those like I have already said who comment on something someone else has already done and then starts a conversation with another person who also thinks its a brilliant idea to comment on that post. Just absolutely ridiculous.

the ones who share:

hmmm, I can be known to do this – sharing links, photos, videos from sites which they found to be amazing, funny, pretty, true etc. They sometimes can be aimed at someone in their friendship feed, how they are feeling that day or just random. It is often the case when the rest of your facebook could not give a damn as to what you put on there. Just be aware lol!

Anyway, thats my rant over for today it does seem Facebook just seems to be getting more and more ridiculous.

I dont know, maybe it’s just me.


What is beauty to you?

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What is beauty?

Is the picture above on the right classified as beautiful, normal or thin? Or is the girl on the left curvy, normal or big?

I am guessing just looking from the photo that there are a number of things on here in which girls of today would absolutely love:

1. the tan – or the fake tan – The idea in which to look beautiful you have to be sun-kissed or brown, but not oompa loompa however you spell it. Just enough to give you the glow to make you look “healthy”. I know some people who swear by fake tan, okay it is good for nights out but do you really want to be going around smelling of digestive biscuits. We had a big topic at work today discussing sun beds, I personally object to them due to all the risks and I don’t get the point in them – very vain. Poor girl at work had a bit too long and ended up being red!

2. the fashion – The clothes between the two girls are different, one is more revealing than the other – maybe a subconscious or conscious idea to cover up or to show off in some circumstances. If you saw a “bigger” girl walking down the street with tight and less clothing I know you would judge, but what if it was the other way and the “smaller” girl would be wearing baggy clothes – would she look fashionable or too thin?

3. the thigh gap – the new fashion body trend – The trend at the moment in which young girls and I guess those who are older as well, aspire to have the gap between the thighs, this is not only represented through the media but also through celebrities. Now although I would love a gap between my thighs (yes I am a size UK 18), at what cost would this come to your health (and yes I am aware that my health is probably not at its best either). But why would you put all that strain on yourself to get that gap, what’s it going to bring you apart from having no sweating thighs, easy access to sit on bikes (haha yes that is a thought in my head) or to look amazing when you’re on your holiday and you take “that leg photo”?

4. her body – I personally after all this moaning would absolutely love to have the body on the right, like seriously. Her flat stomach and her good sized boobs, but in an ideal world it would probably take me about 5 years to look that good and even after that I would not probably look as good as her. But I am proud of my hips and my boobs, of course you want to get rid of somethings such as beautiful bingo wings, tummy and neck but I am trying. I am sure that the girl with my idealistic perfect figure would find faults in hers as well. Damn you media. 

So is beauty what we see before us, how we feel inside or both? Can we present beauty as a photo or a word or through speech. Is beauty something in which others have to categorise?

The media is its own worst enemy, it promotes the best looking bodies and idolises them and as soon as that figure puts on 1lb that’s it they’re fat, then hey presto here comes the diet stories. If you are happy with your body embrace it. If you feel like you need to lose or gain a few pounds because of confidence – do it. It’s your body, you have one life. – LIVE IT. 

I don’t know maybe it’s just me


I’m living the movie of Julie and Julia – without the cooking & the man….

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So here I am sat writing my blog whilst watching Julie and Julia and I start to realise when watching this that my life is Julia’s at the start. It made me feel like crap. I do deal with generally the same type of people everyday, I cannot begin to tell you how often customers make me feel like shite on the phone.

I seriously do not think that the public *dammit got so annoyed my nail varnish smudged (repaint) hmm anyway* think about the way in which they speak to the other person on the end of the line. I work in a “call centre” type business for the local council, so you can imagine the type of calls. Of course there are some absolutely love people but most of them and I mean 90% of them are men having a go at the council but it feels like it is me. I know that they’re not having a go at me personally but it’s hard when they’re shouting down the phone to you and being so rude!!

Over the past few weeks especially due to all the bad weather we have been getting and the high volume of rude calls that I am receiving, I am starting to really hate my job. It is not something that I want to be doing at all. I have applied for jobs but I have been declined. Then it got me thinking when I was watching Julie and Julia how much I love blogging, I love to write about how I am feeling, my thoughts, opinions etc and it is absolutely my little break from all the chaos.

The film of course goes through the idea of blogging about cooking, well there’s no way that that is going to happen as I cannot cook!! But it just made me realise how special it is to have your own personal view out there and if someone else agrees with you great!

I want to do something that I enjoy, that gives me escapism and this is it. The film is definitely a “role model” film for those bloggers out there. I may not be able to cook and I may not have a man in my life, but I am trying my hardest to blog.

ps. remember if you ever do call through to complain to someone just the sentence “I am not having a go at you, I do apologise” it seriously relaxes and makes the person who is taking your call feel just that bit much better.