Moany March no no

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The past two + months I have become a right old moaning person, I hate moaning – I am known to my friends, family and peers to be a positive person. But even myself I have noticed that I am just becoming absolutely negative with so many things. An ex colleague of mine I bumped into and she said “oh I keep up to date with your moans and quips on facebook”. It made me realise oh god I am moaning far too much and it really isn’t me. It could be those I am surrounding myself with, as I have not seen my main girlies for ages, it could be that I really do not like/enjoy my job and also that I am not getting enough sleep. So what I thought I would do is to put a list together of all the positive things in my life at the moment, here we go!:

  • I have my family who love me
  • I have some really close girl friends
  • Some of my girl friends have children, who I love and they like me back
  • My bestest friend is due a baby at the end of this month – come into the world baby Alice
  • I have a secure job
  • I earn money
  • I have a home
  • I can drive
  • I am going to Greece in the Summer
  • My family are happy
  • My Nan is still with us
  • My body is okay
  • I know who my true friends are
  • I know who I am

Maybe you should do a positive life list of all the things that you love/like or are pleased with for those sad days.