Great day out – 04.05.2014

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Today it was absolutely beautiful in Britain, days like this do not come along often enough and when it does everyone goes mad. Luckily as I live in Kent there was the Rochester Sweeps Festival. The Sweeps Festival is a colourful mix full of all things such as music, dancing, drinking and celebrating British tradition. I have been for the past 2 years and I love it. The sun shines, there are thousands of people, loads of British food and drink drink drink, along with fair ground rides and live bands.

I thought I would show you some photos from today. As well as this I wore won of my new dresses which I bought there other day – here are the other ones I bought too ๐Ÿ™‚ >>> look at me <<<ย .ย 



First off this is the beautiful dress that I was wearing today, I personally felt amazing and I havent felt this good in a while. It’s a beautiful tea dress and the colours are just bright and lovely. It shapes you in at the waist and floats out to the sides. The tops of my arms were covered and the V neck showed off my cleavage haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ The dress was great for the sunny festival look and I just yeah had a lush day.


Here it is in a bit more of a details look whilst im in the car ๐Ÿ™‚ The necklace is from Primark and again I reviewed that here >>> yooohoo <<< The hair was right and the make up I loved. I was ready to go!

20140504_144336Rochester Cathedral is beautiful in itself, you can go in there and have a nosey around, but it was so packed today as you can see it was hard to do. The area was packed full of little stalls, live music in the background, the smell of hamburgers/sausages/hog roasts cooking as well as everyone sunbathing all drinking beer and cider….. us British are classy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ps hello – didn’t realise I photo’d a fittie in the middle – dammit wish I saw him. Talking of seeing people I did see these two:

I saw him aka Kevin Chalky aka Tommy Knight first of all and I thought to myself, god I recognise you where the hell have I seen you before and then I saw Dynasty aka Abby Mavers and I was shocked to see them. After a bit of stalking after I got home I realised that it looks like they are an actual couple! So cute!!

20140504_143056Here’s a new photo of the Cathedral, for some reason I didnt take my photos this year but it’s such a pretty enticing place to be.

If you are familiar with British tradition, you may be aware of Morris Dancing. It’s a great tradition, many love it, many are embarrassed by it….. but I love it. I filmed a clip for you to see if you didnt know what Morris Dancing is lol enjoy!




We then went to Chatham Dockyard and spent some time going around the shops and then went to the quayside. What a beautiful area it is, the sun was shimmering on the water, there was a lush heat, gulls were being annoying as always and it was just so peaceful. If you look closely in the 3rd photo you can see the fishes swimming around, ignore the beer can – welcome to Britain .

So that’s my day, loved being out in the sunshine and just having nothing to worry about. I also thought I would include this photo as I wore this on Friday, its a cropped top and a new necklace – again reviewed here >>> snappysnaps <<<

6Ps it is a snapchat capture hence the face and dalmatian look haha!!