2 weeks of pure happiness – Friendship, Wireless, Brighton & more

IMG_20140630_231534 (1)Morning, afternoon and good evening – hello. God I have not done a blog post in 2 weeks, I am such a bad blogger (or am I, who made up the rules hey!?). Anyway, I have had a jammed packed 2 weeks in which I really have not had the time to relax after work to do this, as I have been pretty much cream crackered. So what have I been up to I hear you yell (I wish!), work nights out, catching up FINALLY with all my favourite girls (so freaked out right now, playing on my ipod is Girls just wanna have fun!, as I am writing about my girls) haha, Wireless Festival, Brighton days out and other activities.

Ps – the quote above is for anyone who is feeling absolute rubbish, my bff sent me it when she found out that my counsellor believes I am now suffering from low self esteem, depression and anxiety (life is brilliant!! 🙂  )

Let’s go on an adventure, if you don’t want to – check out my other blog posts.

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Wireless Festival.

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Myself and my bestie went to Wireless 2013 and it was my first time I had been, I of course was weary as to what it was going to be like, the type of music and how I would be throughout the day.

By the end of the day I loved it.

We were going to see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z together, how amazing. I am not the biggest fan of Jay Z so i didn’t know most of his songs, but JT was bloody amazing.

Not only did we have those two mega stars but Rihanna turned up as well, the crows went ballistic.

The feel of the day was just amazing, the heat of the sun, the amount of cider we had, the festival spirit and of course it was held in the Olympic grounds which was just beautiful.

I saw other acts as well, some I definitely was like what is going on here but some of them were pretty good.

I would definitely recommend going there and doing something different, it opened up my eyes and it is definitely something I won’t regret doing.

ps… your feet and shoes will turn black with dust.