Why The Voice is better than The X Factor

So you may or may not have noticed but The Voice is on at the moment, and its unfortunately the last series on the BBC before the big takeover on ITV. We all know that The Voice has found amazing stars, but unfortunately there have been no real winners. Each year I think “oh my god this is the best singer in years” etc etc, and they win and/or on the show and they just dwindle from public eye.

In my eyes the XFACTOR lost it’s …well…. xfactor (pardon the pun) a good few years ago, I would say Little Mix year. When I heard that the Voice was coming to the UK, I was mega excited.

Yes the judges are good, but the acts are just brilliant. Come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, genres and NO joke acts!! They all look genuinely happy to be there, even if they get a no!! So let’s take a look at my favourite ever performances, whether they be solo or duets. Beware, I do love this show.  Continue reading “Why The Voice is better than The X Factor”

X Factor 2014 – My Review – Week 1

10400-the_x_factor_2014_420x250Tonight was the return of the X Factor live shows and it started with a bang. Now I will let you know now, I am an X Factor fan and I love a good reality show – but I prefer Strictly (post to come) hehe. I am glad that Cheryl and Simon are back, Louis is of course just as bonkers as always and I personally think Mel B is a brilliant addition, as the feisty, truthful yet emotional judge. Three huge points I have to make:

1. Paul Akister has been my favourite from the start, and should have been there last year. 2. Mel’s category (weirdly Spice Girls just came on my Itunes!) is THE best, the boys are amazing. 3. Jake Quickenden is in the Boys category but he is 26…. which surely makes him be in the Overs category?! What is the age limit?! ** I have just found out that Jake was 25 when he auditioned, but it seems that 26 – Over 25’s and 25 is the boys**, so yay in still in the Girls category lol!

I am just going to give my views and opinions of the performances tonight 🙂 ** all images are from the X Factor website **


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